Eleanor Underhill & Friends

Photo by Tom Farr

Eleanor Underhill & Friends creates sonic landscapes like you've never heard before. Launching from an upbeat pop cover to a carefully-crafted original tune is common-place for this genre-bending and experimental group. With exciting rhythms, great songwriting, and top-notch musicianship, this is a band that will delight your senses.

In 2014, with a desire to create a band rooted in the Asheville music scene, Eleanor Underhill (of the internationally-acclaimed Americana group, Underhill Rose) pulled together several top-notch performers to create a powerhouse side-project: Eleanor Underhill & Friends. The recurring core talent of this all-star group includes rock/world-beat drummer Christopher Chappell Pyle and jazz/rock bassist Zack Page. You can expect to hear elements of folk, jazz, blues, psychedelia, rock, soul, and pop dizzyingly woven into the fabric of this band's music. With each member bringing their own musical instincts and influences, the result is far-reaching and unusual.

Underhill wields an old-time banjo, bringing one-of-a-kind flair to both carefully-crafted original songs and pop covers; her soulful vocals deliver conviction, beauty, and grit. Christopher Chappell Pyle is the son of renowned musician, Artimus Pyle (Lynaryd Skynaryd), and has toured the world in the alternative rock band, Royal Trux. His fusion of influences from world beat percussion to swamp rock create grooves that are fun and funky. Zack Page is one of the hardest-working and sought-after bass players in WNC. With chops that range from jazz to pop to metal, he also shares his gift of music with students in the UNCA music department. Often adding axillary players such as lead guitar, saxophone, and keys, you can never be sure what surprises await at an Eleanor Underhill & Friends performance.

Featuring all of the members of "& Friends," Underhill's debut solo effort--Navigate the Madness--was released in 2018 to wide acclaim: Named one of the Top 10 Releases of 2018 by Bill Kopp (Musocribe) and voted in the Top 100 International Releases by WNCW radio listeners. Asheville Citizen-Times called it “…a stunning work of a gifted, visionary singer-songwriter. With her open-back banjo, soulful and luminous vocals as the common thread, there isn't a cliched lyric anywhere among the collection of playful, sublime and deeply affecting songs.” (Jim Simpson)


Ambrose West, NC

Isis Music Hall, NC

Sierra Nevada Brewery, NC

5 Walnut, NC

High Rock Outfitters, NC

The Willow Tree, TN

Salvage Station, NC

Ben's Tune-Up, NC

New Belgium Brewery, NC

One World Brewery, NC