Featured in CenterPiece Magazine!

Featured in CenterPiece Magazine!

Emotionally powerful - inspires repeated listens.” - Jedd Beaudoin


Intoxicating and colorful.” - Mitch Mosk

Atwood Music

Tales told in motion, with dynamic harmonies.” - Tina Benitez-Eves

American Songwriter

Underhill chases the muse with curiosity, joy and self-reflection.” - Garrett K. Woodward

Smoky Mountain News

…a stunning work of a gifted, visionary singer-songwriter. With her open-back banjo, soulful and luminous vocals as the common thread, there isn't a cliched lyric anywhere among the collection of playful, sublime and deeply affecting songs.”

Jim Simpson - Asheville Citizen-Times

One night I listened on headphones and a couple of songs hit me square on the jaw; making me want to shout “You should hear this!"”

Alan Harrison - The Rocking Magpie

Eleanor Underhill confidently moves well beyond the confines of Americana. A rich tapestry of song and sound, ‘Navigate the Madness’ is a wholly successful creative adventure.”

Bill Kopp - Mountain Xpress

Heck, I didn't know the banjo could sound like that. It's bold. It's fun. And, yes, it's edgy.”

Bruce Wehrle - My Write Stuff

Mission accomplished. Underhill plays a number of instruments, including trombone and piano, and the addition of electronic sounds speaks to a chaotic, modern-day struggle. Plus, the album calls upon multiple genres — folk, blues, jazz and psychedelic.”

Cass Herrington - Mountain Xpress