From the recording Navigate the Madness

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Quit all the jobs I’d known
Sell off those things I don’t need no more
Say goodbye to all my friends
Before I head west again
Put new strings on my guitar
Fix the fence in my backyard
Finish off that bottle of old vine zin
Guess I’m ready to head west again
There’s a song that must be sung
But the words are lost upon my tongue
There’s a feeling I can’t name
Everything seems the same and yet undone
I guess not much has changed
Mountains of ancient blue
Sing a song so old
To me so new
I didn’t know how much I’d miss you
Before I headed west again
Now I read between the lines
Of letters typed upon a glowing screen
The ones that I adore and the ones that I ignore
It seems so strange and so cruel
I’ll shake my neighbors helping hand
My lover’s touch so welcoming
I’ll lick my wounds and count my wins
Before I head west again